Monday, June 22, 2009

3rd weekends of June 09 - up and down

=> not in the mood today, because get info from my dad that my grand aunt (sorry that i was broading wrong info, not my grand uncle is his wife, get wrong info) just passed away.
Had a heavy rain in the morning, actually already planned to Kuantan for funeral with my dad but my mom didn't go, so have to accompany her.
My god brother's birthday today, did sms and wishes him in the midnight, suddenly he called me back and said "still remember my birthday hor..." hehe... Because this year is first time didn't celebrate his birthday and buy him a birthday present... Celebrate his belated birthday soonest and visit his adorable daughters as well.
Only joined BJ class today, no where to go, just asked my friend for drink.
A boring saturday, gone!

=> today really quite tired and enjoyable, fully utilised whole day. Woke up quite late this morning due to slept very late yesterday because of planning new schedule for gym session. I work from 9-5pm so i can join classes early...hehe...
Unusual, my mei mei called me for lunch before BJ class, can't eat too much because need to join B2B classes. Almost all my gang joined, really have fun but too crowded. I really quite like BJ49, especially latin because my favourite singer, Ricky Martin.
Back to favourite BC instructor's class, class was packed... All shout like mad, really have ummm... But i skipped from track 9 and 10... Lazy and some more no space... I still like the previous release, BC38...
Some of gang didn't celebrate Father's Day. So i just follow them have a dinner at Hoi Tong steamboat, Serdang. Really fully... then drink session again...
Still scratching head for draft new blog and blog layout... Sigh!