Wednesday, June 24, 2009

23.06.09 - end of the day/BJ Mambo Jumbo Nite

Today still the same, work busy... Need OT-ing while waiting my gang arrive Axis, i just need 10 min drive from my office to Axis.

Joined BJ Mambo Jumbo Nite with my gang, they are great because i suggest to wear red colour shirt, that's mean same gain from same place (but i also noticed got other people also wear red shirt)

Great class! Curren + previous release in 2 hours. The class was really packed because of Axis open week, luckily not BC class or else sure will kick someone around me. Saw some familiar faces, pumpers + fighters (i think they're from TC), so supportive!

Jam till twisted ankle again, not very serious but need fast recover to join 2moro step challenge and attack challenge classes. May i'll try to wear ankle protection to avoid sprained ankle again.

After class we still stay awhile and have a short chat because as our planned, we all go SS2 Murni again for dinner/tea/supper time. Now SS2 Murni already consider our gathering place after class. Not keep fit meh? My gang are start to keep fit from next month because we do have internal competition, lose weights and fat % as well within 3 months. Me?? Surely not lose weights la or sure i will become a bamboo.. . I just need to gain weight and fat %