Friday, June 26, 2009

25.06.09 - end of the day/2hrs Attack Challenge

Today office very quiet, all operation staffs went out for sales… month end. My superior took EL too, not a good news because too many things to do but still spend some time for FB… hehe… but start from tomorrow onwards, no more “honey moon” in office, need more hardworking… that’s my real style.

Really looking forward 2hrs attack challenge @ Axis… until I nearly late… Thought I asked my sister reserved a space for me, luckily still can arrive on time… but my friend was rushing from KL to here, late! Met my sister & VC bro there before class and have a short chat. The class was packed, 3 instructor + 1 special guest (1 HT, 1 AHT, 1 small lady & special guest, can I ask the most skinny BA instructor? :p sorry, no offense) taught the class, current+previous release, really GREAT! Love that challenge! My favourite track? Yeah, included… running track “All I ever wanted” GREAT!

Suddenly received my god brother call, really long time never had a great chat with him, he’s facing difficulty with his job (my ex-company)… I’m not too worry about him, because he is such an optimist but sometime he do need my assistance & advise too. Again, he’s still asking the same question “when I come to Ipoh?” emm…. Ok, promise him to go next month visit him and his adorable daughters and family… celebrate his belated birthday…