Tuesday, June 30, 2009

29.06.09 - end of the day/glad that somebody back on track and welcome back!

Today really a busy working day... From upstair to downstair, from downstair to upstair again...Monday blue!
Actually i plan to join 3 back to back classes, (BJ, BC & BP) but the time table not up to date, miss a class... Had a short chat with my friend, he was joining 4 back to back classes... Hardcore classes (BS, RPM, BC & BP)... Legs also pain...

BC=> the class was not extremely packed, still the same nothing special...like a army training...haha... That's my regular class, regular instructor.

BP=> Welcome back my favourite (i'm not a admirer and her die hard fan, i just like her teaching style, scold when you're not follow her cueing, another army training... :p) pump instructor! The class was packed, she TT with another guy (from beginning till the end also don't know his name), he's also teaching good... The class consider funny and entertainment...haha... All people back to TC monday BP class because of her, i guess... I also one of them...haha...legs cramp when came to BP lunges...sigh! But still need to continue till the end.