Monday, June 29, 2009

Last weekends of June 09 - Fully utilised weekends

27.06.09 => Saturday, a lazy day to get up to work since i almost a year never work on saturday even though just need to work half day. As i planned early, joined attack class @ IOI in the evening and meet some friends there. First time joined the instructor class, consider another low profile person, how was his class? no comparison between instructors, they got their own different teaching skill, different character. The class was quite good and enjoyable! After i finished the class and left FF heading to car park, unexpected i met a friend... hehe... because i'm really not a good recognizing people... blurring when i met and greet him. After a hard workout, should has a great dinner because i still need to gain some weights and build up muscle. Me and my gym gang went to Pavilion have a great dinner, actually we already had a long discussion in the afternoon thru MSN... Tenji? Boshi? Sakae?... Final decision, Ichiban Boshi. How was it? Consider ok, the food some quite salty, some quite sweet. For sushi, i still prefer my favourite restaurant near cheras area because the sushi there are very fresh, they will only make after you place an order. For further detail, you can view the below website: I was surprising when i reached Boshi because i saw a friend there with his family, he is also another medium profile instructor. 28.06.09 => Finally i chose to rest from non-stop workout. Had a great dim sum in the morning again before watched movie with friends, recently really enjoy life... Transformer 2 really a hot cake, sold out everywhere, luckily my friend bought it one week ago. How was it? hmm.... i should classify this is a good movie, some parts was quite confusing but worth to watch it. As usual, have a gathering with friends at night, quite some time never join them... Actually i got some things need to clear but still thinking how to write in blog, will continue to write my statement in the next blogging time.